What's New in GP 2015? - More Payment Terms Flexibility

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Payment Terms Setup in GP 2015 brings with it enhanced terms setup options, for those payment terms needs that are beyond the typical "2%/Net 10" - type definitions.  New features include the ability to define payment terms based on a number of days past the Transaction Date and additional options for "Months", "Month/Day", and "Annual" settings, for both Due Date and Discount Date.  For reference, the first image below is from GP 2013 R2, the second from GP 2015.


2013 R2 PMT TRM


By Frank Hamelly, Senior Dynamics Consultant, I.B.I.S., Inc.

1 thought on “What's New in GP 2015? - More Payment Terms Flexibility”

  1. If we use the feature "grace period field" in the customer card will this take in to consideration when doing the interest calculation at month end to customer accounts?

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