What's New in GP 2015 - Payables Warning of Open PO

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Here is an extremely useful feature in GP 2015, especially for those companies that haven't previously used Purchase Order Processing (POP), either in GP or another system.  I've had to help clients clean up Payables Vouchers and enter PO Invoice Receipts because they were unaware or had forgotten that a PO Invoice needs to be entered instead of a Payables Voucher when using POP.  It can become quite a task to perform this cleanup.

Now, all that can be avoided.  A new warning message appears when entering a Payables transaction for a vendor with an outstanding PO or an un-invoiced receipt.  The message appears when you select Save or Post in the transaction and provides the option to Continue with the transaction, Go To the PO in the All Purchasing Transactions Navigation List or Cancel the transaction.


PAY_POP Warning

Here's the setting to activate this message in Payables Management Setup:

PO Warning

By Frank Hamelly, Senior Dynamics Consultant, IBIS, Inc.

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