Pharmacy Chain Goes 100% Paperless with Document Management Treatment

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We know that mergcat memeers can be taxing on a company’s accounts payable department as they work to incorporate the newly-merged organizations’ processes into one, often affecting efficiency and forcing them to increase the number of staff members. It can be financially exhausting and a major task to make sure the combined employees know how to operate one fluid system after possibly being familiar with their own individual processes.

One healthcare company overcame these challenges and, rather than losing time and money, the company’s accounts payable department was able to go 100 percent paperless, keep the same number of staff members and increase efficiency in their department.

The company, a pharmacy chain, grew from humble beginnings to become the largest behavioral health pharmacy provider in the country with 125 full-service pharmacies in 31 states and the District of Columbia. On July 15, 2014, the company made plans to merge with another pharmacy chain that also provides services for behavioral health. The merger would cause the company to double in size.

Prior to their planned merger, the pharmacy chain utilized a one-person AP staff who had a manual and undocumented AP process. After the merger was solidified, they went through a transition in staff and two AP specialists were hired to keep the department running smoothly. The undocumented process made it difficult to transfer the knowledge of the manual AP procedures to the new hires.

With the merger approaching fast, it was important that the AP procedures be safely stored and documented in a computer system. The company decided to purchase a document management solution. Prior to implementing it, they used manual processes. Invoices for more than $500 were emailed to be approved by store managers. Printing, scanning, emailing and filing invoices decreased the AP department’s efficiency and made it difficult for them to keep track of where invoices were in the approval process.

A document management system would help them decrease the number of manual processes they had to endure. With a paperless ERP, they were able to enforce approval rules and avoid mistakes caused by the manual processes. They no longer needed to print and file invoices, saving both time and paper.

As a large company with multiple locations around the U.S., the business was in search of a solution that would:

  • Help them make the location differentiation process for invoices simpler
  • Provide site managers more visibility of their location.

With their new document management solution integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics GP system, managers have the ability to see pending invoices and approvals for their specific locations. They can also search all invoices for their specific location, increasing transparency.

The company originally had the goal of automating 50 percent of their invoices but, with a document management solution, they exceeded their goal and have been able to automate 100 percent. Additionally, the company that they will merge with on Jan. 1 has also been 100 percent automated after the databases were merged in November.

The newly-combined company has also been able to save money on staffing. By automating their AP department, they were able to double in size but keep the same number of AP employees that they had before the merger because their document management solution has taken on much of the workload.

Better time-management and saved money is possible, no matter the size of the company, the number of manual processes or the amount of invoices processed. A paperless document management solution with Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration could be exactly what your company needs to move to a new phase of business, or to add efficiency to your existing AP department processes.

How we help:

Metafile’s MetaViewer document management solution helps make companies more efficient by streamlining business processes and working with current ERP platforms. Integrating MetaViewer into your accounts payable department makes it quicker, easier and safer to manage invoices and other documents. By automating these processes, employees are freed up to work on other crucial business projects while letting MetaViewer and their ERP do the rest.


Nick Sprau is vice president of marketing and sales for Metafile Information Systems Inc., an independent provider of paperless document management applications serving middlemarket and large businesses. For more information visit‐microsoft‐dynamics.

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