Missing Home Page Links after GP 2013 R2 Upgrade?

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For a very small number of users, a situation arises after upgrading to GP 2013 R2.

What's happening?

After upgrading, a user will be unable to customize their home page even though the user has security rights to do so.

They will have only the "To Do" and "Business Analyzer" content, and, while they will be able to click on “Customize this page” and mark other content, the home page will not change.

Missing links on home page after upgrading to GP2013 R2The user will have only 2 records in the SY08100 table instead of the 9 records that should be there.

If the user resets their role, they can customize their home page (but will have to recreate all of their links).

AND…the fix will not stick. The user will likely revert to the uncorrected home page at some point and have to re-do these changes.

How do you customize your homepage after the GP 2013 R2 upgrade?

Another option is to make the content visible in SQL, which will recover the user’s existing quick links.  This fix also will not stick, but has the advantage of the user not needing to recreate his links again and again.

The problem affects only a few users. Microsoft is aware of the defect and is working on determining the cause.

In the meantime, here's a workaround query that will allow you to copy homepage settings from another user:

Workaround query




 'user1' as [USERID]
from sy08100 where userid = 'user2'


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2 thoughts on “Missing Home Page Links after GP 2013 R2 Upgrade?”

  1. As an alternative, if someone loses their homepage, you can restore a backup copy of the DYNAMICS database from before the loss into a new database (DYN2 or whatever). Then just delete the records from SY08100 in the live database and then replace them with the records from DYN2. That way, that user gets their exact settings back. Helpful if no other users have similar setups.

    delete from dynamics..sy08100 where USERID = 'user'
    insert into dynamics..sy08100 (USERID, SectionID, DICTID, COLNUMBR, SEQNUMBR, Visible, MetricSequence, Selected, Mode)
    select USERID, SectionID, DICTID, COLNUMBR, SEQNUMBR, Visible, MetricSequence, Selected, Mode
    from dyn2..sy08100 where USERID = 'user'

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