Microsoft Dynamics Accounts Receivable 34 Killer A/R Collection Letters, Call Scripts and Email Templates

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It’s the time of year to be thinking about what gifts to get your kids, spouses, friends, and family for the Holidays, but what about your employees? I am not talking about chocolate or holiday bonuses, but the type of gift that make a difference in their daily lives and the overall performance of the company’s receivables. A gift that will not only make the accounts receivable process much easier and far less stressful, but something that will help them collect invoices faster, increase cash flow, decrease DSO, and much more

Managing accounts receivable is overwhelming for many businesses, but it can be very easy if you have the right tools to help you and your staff. Join us on 12/10/14 for a 1 hour webinar as we outline some of the basics you’ll need to craft an accounts receivable credit and collection strategy to meet your specific business needs and drive-down you’re A/R and bad debt write-offs.

All registrants will receive a complimentary copy our Resource Guide for B2B Credit & Collections Professionals with Sample Collection Letters, Email Templates and Call Scripts.

This document provides everything that you need to consider before you start building out email templates, collection letter templates, and collection call scripts. Sample templates, documents, and scripts are provided at the end of this document to be used as examples to get you started.

Source: 34 Killer A/R Collection Letters, Call Scripts and Email Templates

Written by Guest Author: Adrian Montgomery. Adrian is the creator of  and has over 15 years in the ERP software industry.

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