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Iris Schimke, Express Information Systems (Texas Microsoft Dynamics Partner)

Making the Move to Mobile

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According to the PewResearch Internet Project, 56% of American adults own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet. While this means a great deal for virtual social interactions, it also means businesses must consider mobile devices as a resource for improving client and employee experiences.

Mobile technology is currently driving a lot of decisions for businesses. The beauty of being able to work on any device, anywhere, is that critical information can be more readily available to your clients or your employees. No longer does information access need to be restricted to those physically in the office.

As part of a company that fully utilizes this technology, we at Express Information Systems realize that going mobile allows businesses to create working environments that make for happier employees. As an example, if a parent has a sick child, but knows that their boss needs to see some reports in their inbox by a certain time, mobile access allows the employee to accommodate both needs.  They can be in a doctor’s office with their child while simultaneously working remotely on a laptop to make sure everybody gets what they need.  This in turn can lead to more productive and happier employees.

The move to mobile has also helped free up information. In the past, each department had access to their set of data, and sharing was something that employees often had to beg people to do.  Now, since everyone in the company can be connected to the same mobile network. It gives open access to the data and creates a more collaborative environment.

As open information and mobile access is improving the lives of employees, what about the most important person in the game—the customer? At Express we know first-hand that the ability to connect via mobile technology has allowed us to do our jobs even more efficiently for our clients.  Of course, we love seeing our clients face-to-face, but if they prefer to troubleshoot remotely we have the ability to do that with screen sharing. This essentially allows us to talk to the client through their computer, no matter where they are in the world or what device they’re on.

We have also helped many clients make the transition to mobile when it made sense for the customer experience. Professional Service companies, such as those in the AC, Heating and Plumbing business, can now use mobile devices for their technicians out in the field.  They have the ability to email an invoice, take payments, order parts, check inventories, and schedule a follow up appointment all from the palm of their hand.

This new business model saves companies time, money, and resources, all of which contribute directly to the bottom line. It removes the chance of an invoice getting lost, promising a client you have something in stock when you might not, or struggling to get in contact with the customer again to schedule a follow up.

While the benefits outweigh the risks for most companies, a thorough review before implementation is necessary for everyone. This is where a company like Express comes in.  These processes can be a pain if not done correctly or professionally.  If going mobile is not sure to help your company make better decisions or make your employees or customers happier, it’s not worth it.  We always make sure our work is going to make a measurable difference.  Visit us at to learn more!

by Express Information Systems

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