Customers Have Questions. Do You Have the Answers?

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In this 24/7, always on marketplace, customers want speedy service, prompt deliveries, and quick answers to their questions. If you can’t keep up the pace, then customers are likely to look elsewhere. Impress your customers by connecting your sales and customer service teams to your business data. You can have the answers to their questions without the need to put customers on hold.

Your valued customers are going to call with questions about their order history, whether the items they want next are in stock or on sale, and when they could expect delivery. Customers will quickly get frustrated when they are transferred from customer service to order fulfillment, are put on hold or have to wait for a call back with answers to their questions. Each of your customer representatives including sales professionals, customer service, order fulfillment, and other points of contact could have direct access to the answers your customers need if they are connected to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Connect your people to your data with an integrated ERP solution and have the answers to your customer’s questions. Download the free eBook 15 convincing reasons to replace your accounting system with ERP to learn how you can improve customer service by simply getting closer to your data. Instead of using multiple specialty software programs, you can manage all of your business operations and customer interaction from ERP including customer sales histories, order status, inventory data, and delivery status information. With all of your data in one location, your representatives can access a customer’s account to answer their questions without having to put your customer on hold.

Today’s ERP solutions are also easier to learn and use than multiple specialty programs. As a result, you can monitor real-time data about your customers, business operations, and inventory. You can easily determine what customers have ordered in the past, including quantities, and make suggestions for their next order. You can also boost cross-sales or up-sales by offering products complementary to what they already order.

Customer service is becoming increasingly important and if you can’t provide prompt service, customers will find another business that can. Download the free eBook 15 convincing reasons to replace your accounting system with ERP and contact ICON for more information about having all the answers with ERP.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner

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