4 Tips for Setting Up Security in Dynamics GP

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Setting up Microsoft Dynamics GP security

Setting up your Microsoft Dynamics GP security can be daunting.

The great thing about it is that you can be VERY specific about what users are able to do (what they view, which tasks they can perform, etc). You can customize the roles to fit your company.

The problem is that you actually have to take the time to do it.

Having done this multiple times, I have a few thoughts on how to make your life easier. These tips help not just in setting up security initially, but in maintaining it as users (and their roles in the organization) change over time.

Microsoft Dynamics GP security tips

1. Copy existing roles to create your own…do NOT modify the default roles.  If you break it, it is more difficult to fix it if the original is gone.

2. Set up roles for areas of responsibility rather than for a specific user. This will accomplish two goals:

a. You can easily tell what rights a user has by looking at the user security

b. You can easily set up new users or change existing users because your roles are “mix and match”

User responsibilities change over time. The user who processes invoices today may process checks in another six months. They may stop doing data entry and begin reviewing batches in another year. If your security is set up based on what responsibilities the user has today, it can be time consuming to re-do their security whenever responsibilities change.

3. Be descriptive in your naming conventions. What do I mean? Let me give you an example. Do not set up a role called “AP1.”  Set up a roles called “AP_Check_Processing”, “AP_Invoice_Processing” and “AP_Vendor_Maintenance.” You can then assign these roles as needed, but they are easy to understand and easy to assign.

4. Be specific in setting up tasks. The default tasks are very specific to make them easier to combine in multiple ways. The default tasks are segregated by inquiry, reports, transactions, etc. so that you can use these very specific “snippets” to create usable roles.


Getting the most out of Dynamics GP

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by Lisa Suggs, Implementation Consultant, InterDyn Artis

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