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We’re happy to announce that the future of Business Intelligence (BI) – and particularly financial reporting – is here.  You don’t want to miss this.  I’m referring to the significant development of a complete tool that solves several business problems, with a focus on business user friendliness, powerful flexibility, and secure collaboration.  Allow me to elaborate – a web-based reporting library, which is a brand new product category, takes financial reporting to the next level for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users, which brings about a new era of easy-to-use, synergistic, and modern BI analytics.  As the web continues to build momentum as a technology platform, the BI marketplace is following suit.  In this article, I will discuss common Dynamics NAV user demands that are answered with a web-based report library, so that you can be familiar with this exciting, new product category.

Report Library for NAV

First thing of note: access from anywhere and at any time you have an internet connection.  Since new report libraries are web-based, both from Microsoft (SharePoint) and third party BI software manufacturers, you are able to access your financial and operational information from wherever and at whatever time you can connect to the internet, with one-click access to your favorite reports.  Furthermore, if your KPIs break thresholds or should issues arise, you can establish notifications for important events in real-time with a modern web-based report library.  Customizable notifications are available for other occasions – you can set up alerts, in e-mail form, for whenever a new version of a report is ready.  These initial settings for automated alerts engages contributing professionals right from their inbox.  And that’s just the tip of the business user friendliness iceberg.

Next up: ease of use avoids IT department management of the software, inviting the finance team to maintain and analyze their own data.  Since filtering tools are crafted with dynamic power and intuition at the core of their functionality, you won’t have to search and search for a specific report.  You are able to query by name or other criteria, whatever is easiest for you to remember and find a particular report.  You can also “favorite” reports, much like a Netflix, Hulu, or Facebook profile, so you can quickly get to your preferred report for expedited analysis with a few clicks.  Social networking interfaces have driven some of the dynamic, user friendly features and functions.

The premier web report libraries serve as a multiple user network and multiple dimension interface for BI analytics.  Solver’s BI360 Web Portal’s homepage shows user-relevant information in the form of a dashboard, so your personalized experience allows for fast access to subscribed reports, groups, discussions, comments, and polls.  The user friendly platform is modern in looks and navigation, with image-based options for jobs, report templates, and role-specific activity.  With collaboration so innately important to today’s business, these web reporting library are designed to be interactive and professionally productive in social ways, to continue comparing the technology to social networks.

To continue learning more about web reporting libraries for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV experience, read the rest of this article here.

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