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How to Use SSRS Reporting to Analyze Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Data

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SSRS Reporting to Analyze Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Data

In Microsoft GP you inherit many native prebuilt reports.  Many of these have been around for years.  But have you taken a look at all of the other report options available to you?  For instance, SQL Server Reporting Services Reports.  These can be found in GP by going to a specified area page and selecting ‘Reporting Services Reports’.  From there, a list will populate identifying the pre-built options available to you. In the Financial area page alone, there are over 40 reports and KPI’s to choose from.


Here are the simple steps to get started: 

1. In GP go to the Financial Area Page, select ‘Reporting Services Reports’ from the Navigation Pane: 



2. Select an option from the list by checking the box and then click on ‘View’ from the menu bar: 



3. This will launch a URL where you have the ability to enter filters – it’s not pretty and can take you by surprise the first time you see it.  Select the appropriate range and click ‘View’ – located in the right hand corner of the screen: 



4. Below is a screen shot of the Fixed Assets Depreciation Detail Report: 



5. Note that you can expand on the data to get the details with a simple click: 



This report easily exports to Excel, as well as XML, CSV, PDF, and Word formats.  This functionality allows you to further analyze your data.  You can also access all of the SSRS reports, provided you have been granted security, by going directly to the URL address which allows you to view reports across all areas of GP easily. 



If you are currently using reports that don’t meet your needs, we can help!  We are experts in modifying what is already available to you in Microsoft Dynamics GP or building a new customized tool from the ground up! Call us today to learn more about the ways that Tidestone Solutions can help you gain maximum functionality from your software solution:

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