Senior Living Facilities: Better Reporting = Getting Handle on Costs

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Our experience in working in the Long Term Care industry shows that a common requirement among financial professionals is to get a better handle on costs through better financial reporting. Some fears and concerns we hear from directors of finance, CFO’s, controllers and senior living facilities managers is that they are not able to understand why costs are increasing – they just don’t have the information available to them. Another concern they have is being able to get accurate reports in a  timely manner to enable them to make decisions that will get the costs back under control.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides robust financial reporting to alleviate those concerns and fears, with drill down functionality, the ability to produce relevant reports, the ability to easily generate them, and easily share them out to the appropriate personnel through Microsoft SharePoint.

The Drill Down functionality of Dynamics GP allows the analysis of the financial statements down to the underlying transactions to really understand what is happening with your costs. The relevance of the reports is critical in that it produces not only financial information, but statistical information as well as clinical information from other disparate systems. The ability to pull all this information together quickly and in a timely manner and share it through tight integration with SharePoint truly proves that Dynamics GP is a great solution for the long term care industry

By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics GP partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania

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