Why IT People Should NOT Fear the Cloud

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As an IT person I can relate to the uncertainty one feels when considering the cloud.   IT professionals are flooded with marketing and technical campaigns promoting the cloud, and yet we left in the dark about what the cloud actually is.  This fact alone goes against who we are.   IT personnel are knowledgeable people and seek to understand all in their trade.   Beyond this, there is the prospect that the cloud will change our role, and to some extent who we are.   Here are five reasons why it’s time to overcome any fear and reevaluate the cloud as part of your IT strategy:

1.) The cloud is here to stay.

There are a number of survey results and statistics published on the web that support an increasing cloud growth rate.   Results from the RightScale 2014 State of the Cloud survey report that 94% of organizations surveyed are using some form of the cloud.  It is projected that the cloud services market will exceed $180 billion by the end of year 2015.  Clearly the cloud is here to stay and each year, more and more organizations are including the cloud as part of their IT strategy.

2.) The cloud is secure.

Security is often at the forefront of cloud concerns.  Cloud service providers realize they must address these concerns in order to remain viable.  Cloud providers, such as Microsoft, have rigorous policies around security, privacy, and compliance.   Security features, such as encryption and stringent data destruction policies, allow users to protect their sensitive data.  Users can also control the geographic region where their data resides.   Each cloud service that Microsoft provides is independently verified for regulatory compliance against such standards as ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FERPA to name a few.

3.) The cloud continues to mature.

The cloud, like any growing industry, continues to refine and enhance the list of services offered.   More and more features are constantly being added to both Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) offerings.  Many organizations are not only choosing to deploy their own solutions in the cloud, but are also migrating off-the-shelf software to cloud based services.   As the list of cloud offerings grows, look for this trend to continue.

4.) The cloud allows IT personnel to diversify.

While some IT jobs are likely to be affected by leveraging cloud services, it is important to think of the cloud as an extension, rather than a replacement, to our everyday IT jobs.   To the extent that the cloud minimizes or eliminates an existing task, view this as an opportunity to diversify your skills.   Technology changes at a rapid pace and keeping up with latest trends is at the core who we are as IT professionals.   New opportunities have emerged with the cloud such as demand for cloud vendor management and the configuration of services.   The demand for IT experience will only grow as a result of the cloud and professionals will be challenged to diversify.

5.) The cloud makes business sense.

Organizations have to make sure moving to cloud makes financial sense.     However beyond the economics, organizations must also consider the impact of business agility when moving to the cloud.  Leveraging cloud services can have a significant effect on the cost of doing business by simplifying processes and reducing time to market.   The cloud also affords elasticity and flexibility in terms of resource consumption; the ability to scale up and down based on the demand is key.  Cloud services can trivialize tasks that have to date been a large time drain on IT personnel.    As a result organizations can spend more time focusing on innovation and improvement.

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1 thought on “Why IT People Should NOT Fear the Cloud”

  1. To me it seems only on premise software vendors and IT service providers who are afraid of the cloud. The cloud is more secure than where most businesses store their server. With lowering IT infrastructure costs and also lowering the need for IT specialists in the business, it can mean the implementation of cloud software for businesses is rapid.


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