Need an ERP that Works with Your Existing Software? Why Dynamics GP May Be Your Best Bet.

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Many times when helping current and prospective clients choose an accounting or ERP package, I have been asked whether I feel Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers any specific advantages to users simply by being a Microsoft product. I have always answered with the truth:  I feel that Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great product all by itself, regardless of its ties to Microsoft. This is an opinion that is based on much more than the fact that I work for a company that sells Microsoft Dynamics.   I’ve worked with the GP product line since its early days when it was an Apple and DOS accounting software package sold and supported by a company based out of Fargo, ND.  That said, I also feel the tight integration with other Microsoft products offered by Dynamics GP does give its users an undeniable advantage.


Here’s a brief YouTube video that illustrates my point further. It demonstrates just how tight the integration can be between your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP package and the rest of your Microsoft business software.  If you’d like to learn more about the integration possibilities Dynamics GP provides, please take a few minutes to watch the video below.

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Beth Hodge, Microsoft Business Management Solutions Professional, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller.

by Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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