Monitor Real-Time Inventory When Sales Hits the Road

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Your sales representatives may be able to sell products while they are at a conference or meeting with customers; however, do they have access to critical inventory details and the ability to capture orders or complete sales transactions at the point of the sale? If you are using paper-based systems, the answer is likely ‘no’.  Not only can this lead to inventory problems but it can also lead to unhappy customers.  Streamline field sales and control inventory by implementing a stronger business tool with real-time inventory for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Paper-based processes can be inefficient, especially for employees that make sales or service equipment outside of the office.  Filling out paperwork in the field, then bringing those forms back to the office to enter the details into your business management solution is time-consuming and creates a delay for managers that need up-to-date financial and inventory data. Customers experience delays for orders that need to be entered for shipment or delivery from the warehouse.  In addition, as customer and inventory details are transcribed from paper forms into your business systems, there is a risk for data-entry errors.  Making financial or inventory decisions based on old or inaccurate data could lead to expensive mistakes.

The PanatrackerGP Field Sales and Inventory solution can streamline field sales and services activities and provide real-time data for your office team.  As sales are completed or inventory is used on a job site, your field team can record those transactions with PanatrackerGP Field Sales and Inventory solution which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  Sales or service employees that carry inventory with them will have up-to-date inventory status as they record transactions used during field services or complete a direct sale transaction.  In addition, an order for later shipment or delivery can be captured. Cash and check payments can be accepted for multiple transactions, a signature capture is available to confirm delivery or receipt of products or services, and, receipts can be printed for customers.  Transactions are stored on the device if real-time connection isn’t available; otherwise transactions can be easily submitted back to Microsoft Dynamics GP when network connection is available.   PanatrackerGP will eliminate paper-based recording and redundant data-entry of your sales, inventory, and service-related transactions.  Add accountability and a more efficient process by implementing better technology.

Contact Panatrack to learn more on Inventory & Asset Tracking solutions available for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Panatrack Inventory & Asset Tracking, a Microsoft Partner & ISV out of Wisconsin

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