Helpful Notes for Microsoft Dynamics GP Regarding Year-End and the New Release of GP 2015

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We just shared this handy set of notes with our current Microsoft Dynamics GP customers after receiving the latest notes from Microsoft and thought it would be handy for all customers and partners.


When a customer updates on GP 2013 (or GP 2010) for year-end it WILL automatically also update the code to the latest release, GP 2013 R2 or (GP 2010 SP5). So even though you are on the ‘original’ 2013, it will update you to GP 2013 R2.


The GP 2013 year-end code is expected to be available in a couple more weeks (Next week the GP 2010 year-end is expected to release followed by GP 2013 – delayed due to ACA updates).

See the quick list of Year-End Changes and a link to the "ACA" details:


Here is a note from the Microsoft Dynamics GP product development team regarding the year-end update:

“I cannot stress this enough…GP 2013 and GP 2010 year end update is an ALL INCLUSIVE update, just as in years past.

So yes… GP 2013 year end will include GP 2013 R2…..I put a note on my pages in bold as well.”


Here is the link for the year end details on GP 2013 and GP 2010:


GP 2010


GP 2013


The expected release date for GP 2015 is the beginning of December, but then any third party products will be behind that – usually we recommend waiting until Service Pack 1 for most of our customers to upgrade, but that is ultimately up to the customer and their current GP partner.


As far as GP 2015 release details – we do have the system requirements available, and there is a daily ‘feature of the day’ Microsoft blog going on right now for new features. But the final “What’s New in GP 2015” will not be released until the code in finalized.


**Please note the biggest impact with the system requirements is SQL 2008 or 2008R2 will not be supported, only SQL 2012 and 2014 will be supported on GP 2015.


System Requirements for GP 2015:


Daily Feature of the Day for Microsoft Dynamics (you can filter for 2015 if you would like, but perhaps you want to see the GP 2013 R2 items also):

Collins Computing holds webcasts for our customers to help them understand Year-End Closing procedures and new release details. If you want to join our customer base or have questions on the steps you should be taking to prepare for these releases, contact Collins Computing anytime!


By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing, Inc.

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