Easy Time & Expense Entry with Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps

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One of the things we find in talking to a lot of our clients is that entering time and expense can be a very cumbersome process both for their employees and for project managers who need to approve time. We often find clients telling us that employees don’t like to enter their time, that project managers are having difficulty approving employees time, that business owners are worried about losing billable time. On top of that, no one likes the admin function of making sure that employees enter their time weekly (or bi-weekly/monthly, as the case may be).


We often hear that there should be an easier solution. These days, nearly everyone carries a smart device – be that a phone or tablet or some other item. Our clients are looking for the ability to allow employees to enter their time on those devices. That would allow an employee’s spare time to be productive – on a morning commute, on a break, in the evenings, or even quickly while doing another task at work. Now they can do just that with Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps.


Dynamics SL Web Apps give you the ability to use a smart device to enter full time information – by project, by task – as if you were at a PC. This gives employees the ability to quickly and efficiently enter time. This in turn gives Project Managers the ability to approve time as needed, and reduces the risk of billable time being forgotten about. It also allows for better admin function of ensuring time entry is completed.


To learn how Dynamics SL Web Apps can help your business, contact Intellitec Solutions at 866-405-4357.


By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics SL Partner serving Delaware and Pennsylvania


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