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If you have employees or field representatives out on the road, they need a way to easily access information required to close deals without a lot of back and forth communication with back office, missed phone calls and misinformation. In this age of technology it is imperative for businesses like yours to provide your sales representatives with the required information at their fingertips.

We are effectively pitching for the need of a sales portal, but it is not just about that. There are a number of solutions out there which can provide a sales portal to you but with you already managing so many sales platforms (eCommerce, retail stores, social media, marketplaces, etc.) it is only going to add to the overhead of managing yet another platform. Add to that the need for information sync between these disjointed systems. What you need is a platform or solution that will address your need of being present on multiple channels but without the overhead of managing them separately.

With Ecommerce Growth Engine (EGE), built on the most popular and adopted eCommerce store, Magento, we have customized and added a lot of functionality to allow you to target both your B2C and B2B customers from a single platform. The following sales portal features of EGE enable you to provide actionable insight to your sales representatives for informed sales and faster sales cycles.

1. Unique Login Information

You can create a separate account for each of your sales representatives with defined permissions. The admin has complete control over profiles which are accessible to each salesperson. The salespersons can only access those profiles that are assigned to them and process orders only associated with those customers; admin (sales manager) on the other hand, can view them all.

As an admin you can also create and assign territories to your sales representatives, define commissions they are going to earn and create useful reports (to analyze performance of sales representatives, to calculate commission earned, identify problem territories, etc.) for actionable insights.

2. 360 degree view of Customers for Informed Sales

  • Informed Sales: With all the information on their fingertips your sales representatives can now make more informed sales decisions.
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell: Your sales representatives can now access customer information, order history and product information and quickly identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for every customer, thereby increasing sales.
  • Avoid False Promises: With access to updated inventory and ability to track orders your sales representatives can now give your customers more accurate answers regarding product availability, order delivery, etc.
  • Payment Terms: With access to customer’s payment history your sales representatives can now negotiate better payment terms with your customers.


3. Reduced Sales Cycle

Sales Portal with the Frequent Order Module can also help your company reduce the sales cycle. With frequent order module your registered customers can quickly create reusable lists of items for faster order placement at a later date (or on recurring basis). Your sales representatives can also quickly send out invoices from the sales portal, resolve any issues regarding open or pending orders, etc. saving time and money.

4. Sales Quote Functionality for Enhanced Sales Capability

With the Sales Quote module of EGE your sales representatives can quickly create and manage customer quotations for new and existing customers. Equipped with all the information, your sales representatives can also negotiate better pricing or offer discounts for closing deals faster.

For more details how the sales quote module works read our blog Sales Quote Module for Magento.

5. Information Sync of Streamline Business Operations

EGE is an integrated eCommerce platform which seamlessly syncs information with your Dynamics ERP system. Your sales representatives can continue to use the portal, on the move or from the back office, without worrying about syncing this information back with the ERP system.  The EGE platform will automatically sync this information back with the Dynamics ERP system allowing your sales representatives to focus on things which matter the most: Sales.

6. Improved Customer Experience

All this is not only beneficial for you and your sales representatives but also translates into an improved customer experience for your customers. With informed sales, accurate information and prompt response your customers are bound to be more satisfied and loyal customers.

by i95Dev – Partner for your eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics Integration Needs.

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