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If the sales process at your company includes a contract with your customers, you’re probably very familiar with the challenges of managing the business terms of your contract.  Tensoft Contract Billing Management (CBM) gives you the ability to capture all of your contract business requirements and terms in one place so you can easily manage all billings as well as all other terms that impact contract management including customer acceptance and go live events.  And, Tensoft CBM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics solutions!

In response to numerous requests, Tensoft recently made CBM available independently from Tensoft Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).  We now offer Tensoft CBM and Tensoft Revenue Recognition Management (RRM) separately or together, depending on your needs.  Tensoft CBM is a proven solution, having been in use at customer sites as part of the Tensoft RCM bundle since 2008.

One of the key benefits of Tensoft CBM is that it lets you manage nearly all aspects and types of billing in a single location. This includes recurring billing - whether it’s an annual bill, a monthly bill, a quarterly bill, or any combination of billing cycles on every contract – while also including usage billings, such as those measured by billing of user counts or overages.  In addition, Tensoft CBM allows you to capture all of your customer agreements in one place, and to bill against these as often needed. Milestone billings are also supported.  The CBM contract captures all of your contract billings in one place – so there is no need to remember future billings.

One feature of Tensoft CBM that will interest Microsoft Dynamics users is that it allows you to manage multiple recurring billing schedules against each individual line.  For example, an item that’s billed on a monthly basis can be set up with a billing lead time of either one month, or as an annual billing for the term of the contract.  Tensoft CBM also allows you to manage your renewals against contracts, meaning that expiring contracts can be extended all at once or on an individual basis.

Tensoft CBM’s ability to help you capture usage billings deserves special mention here.  It allows you to measure against license accounts, user accounts on a monthly basis (which lets you upload a monthly usage file  and bill the actual amount of users for that month), or actual usage for the month.  A recurring schedule - similar to recurring billings - can be set up too, allowing you to have a lead time or delayed time on billings, as well as to capture different bill dates for different period of performance that may be on a contract agreement.

Tensoft CBM is a flexible, robust solution that can be easily implemented and configured to fit your company’s needs. Contracts can be set up and managed in a variety of ways, and Tensoft CBM allows you to either import existing contract agreements into the system or add them manually.  In addition, once all of your recurring billings have been set up, there’s no need to go in and revise the contract agreements, since - once agreements are set - CBM lets you renew or cancel agreements on a mass basis.   Tensoft even has some great mass update utilities available in CBM.   The Tensoft Mass Contract Update Utility, for example, allows users to easily extend a contract by viewing all contracts that are expiring as of a certain date and extending those that need to be extended.

If you are interested in learning more about Tensoft Contract Billing Management (CBM) for Microsoft Dynamics, please visit Tensoft’s website  at, or contact me directly.

By Caprice Murray, Principal at Tensoft, a Silicon Valley-based Microsoft Dynamics Re-seller and Cloud Application Developer


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