Connecticut Non-Profit Insurance Co-Op Makes the Move From QuickBooks to Dynamics GP

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A reliable and customizable financial management system is essential for any business. HealthyCT, a non-profit insurance co-op established in the State of Connecticut under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), made the switch from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP as their business began to grow.

Download the full story: Connecticut Nonprofit Insurance Startup Moves Smoothly From QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP Easy Installation and Implementation

Working with new accounting software can be intimidating. However, Dynamics GP suits businesses that are just beginning to choose their first accounting system as well as those making the switch from another software system. HealthyCT changed from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP to better support the accounting needs of their growing business.

Chris Masi, CFO of HealthyCT, found it easy to move to Dynamics GP while merging all transaction information and details from their QuickBooks accounts. CAL Business Solutions was able to provide the customization and expertise they needed to migrate existing data painlessly. They were even able to retain 18 months’ worth of analytical codes from QuickBooks and move it to Dynamics GP.

Meets Government Requirements to Maintain Compliance

As a non-profit insurance co-op, meeting government requirements is essential for HealthyCT. With the help of Dynamics GP, they’ve been able to track financial progress and milestones for government reporting standards. Furthermore, Dynamics GP is GAAP compliant and meets the operational reporting and government regulations HealthyCT must follow.

By making the change early in their growth as a business, they were able to avoid any major disruption in tracking and reporting their finances.

Provides a Ranges of Uses for Both Small and Big Businesses

Dynamics GP works for both start-ups and big business. In fact, HealthyCT choose the financial management tool because it would suit both their present needs and those of the future. As their business began to grow, Quickbooks proved to be too limited as an accounting tool. Selecting core accounting software that functions with a business as it evolves allows for continuity and fluidity. Companies are able to achieve their financial goals as well as meet any specific requirements needed for their businesses.

As shown by HealthyCT’s successful experience with Dynamics GP, the accounting software provides both ease and range of use for businesses of all sizes. Rather than remaining stuck with limited features, companies are able to make their financial ambitions come to life. Users can interpret data for general business purposes, specific goals and government requirements.

And CAL Business Solutions makes implementation a breeze.

Download the full Healthy CT case study at

If you are evaluating the next step after Quickbooks, let CAL Business Solutions help you evaluate Microsoft Dynamics GP. Contact us at 860-485-0910 x4 or [email protected].

Download: Grow Your Business with Confidence: A Guide for Business Outgrowing QuickBooks

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