Cloud Based Microsoft Dynamics GP vs Intacct Pricing

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As a provider of cloud based business solutions to businesses of all sizes, at RoseASP we speak daily with prospects and partners about the various cloud solutions available for small and mid-size businesses.  Since Microsoft Dynamics GP became completely web enabled this year with the release of GP 2013 R2, the debate over terminal server or Citrix client is not relevant.  Now Microsoft Dynamics GP can run from your web browser using Silverlight.  This enables GP to work seamlessly on tablets, smartphones or any other device including Mac, iPad and iPhone. And it integrates nicely with Microsoft O365.  As it happens, Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud and Intacct offer comparable functionality so when discussing the various SMB cloud solutions, the conversation often comes to comparing Intacct to Dynamics GP in terms of pricing and what is included in each option.  So I thought there would be great value in comparing the two products solely on price and I collaborated with our many mutual Intacct and Dynamics GP Partners and I came up with a spreadsheet on pricing to highlight the differences between the products in terms of price.

Of course the price of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud will vary depending on the cloud provider, so I’ve used examples of RoseASP cloud pricing in the following comparison guide to give real world scenarios.

GP vs Intacct


Now let’s go another step further and price out a couple of real-life prospect requests.

Example 1:  Distribution Company: We’ll start by assuming 5 full-access users and 3 view-only users with a need to run 3 separate databases.  Let’s also assume the company needs core modules for supply chain, including Purchase Order, Inventory and Sales Order.

Here is how it prices out:

GP vs Intacct_2

The pricing comparison chart in the example above clearly demonstrates that Microsoft Dynamics GP is the more cost effective solution while offering some extended functionality that is not included in the core Intacct Financial Management Package.  Variables such as number of companies will increase or decrease this example.


Example 2:  Project Time and Expense Company: In this example we’ll assume 5 full-access users and 50 time-and-expense entry only users while running 3 separate company databases.  We’ll also assume the company utilizes core project accounting tools such as billing and project tracking of actual vs budget.  Since most of our customers require a “test” company for validation and testing, we have included this as well.  Here is how it prices out:

GP vs Intacct_3

In the above examples the costs are much closer than the previous examples, but pricing will change dramatically depending on the number of company databases required (no charge for Dynamics GP) and additional storage needs for documents and so forth.  One important thing to note is that both Intacct and RoseASP include all upgrades and services packs as they are released as part of our monthly hosting fees.  Working with a wide variety of Dynamics Partners around the globe who specialize in Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Accounting and Financial solutions, RoseASP offers monthly payment options with discounts for annual payments.  We are able to keep things flexible for customers by offering simple one year contracts as they expand or contract users.  Finally, RoseASP maintains an entire SOX policy library (including HIPPA and FDA compliance documents) and annual SSAE 16 Reports that are available to auditors for review.  For more information call us 858-794-9403 or email us today at [email protected]

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