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Audit Trails Offer Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Halloween may be over, but at Stoneridge Software, we certainly know how to scare accountants no matter what time of the year. Imagine you're at work on a dark and stormy afternoon and you discover that a month you had closed has been changed!! (cue thunder and lightning)

In QuickBooks, dates can be changed for transactions that are already posted and entries can be altered even after you have month-end and the bank reconciliation completed. The worst part is, there isn't an easy way to tell who made the changes or when. There's nothing stopping your bookkeeper from applying checks to multiple invoices, or continuously printing and voiding checks.

Keep your information safe and move to a system that provides checks and balances. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you gain a secure audit trail and the ability to lock information once a month has been closed out. Audit trails work by capturing a snapshot of a Microsoft Dynamics GP document every time a change is made, then making a record of the time, date and User ID associated with the change. It also captures the before-change data values and the after-change data values associated with the change.

Managers can then view an audit trail at any time through the SmartView window. This instant information ensures that your data is protected and 100 percent accurate.

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