21 Real Questions from a Distribution Company Evaluating Dynamics GP with Salespad – And the Answers

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Recently, a distribution company that is evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad provided us with 21 specific questions their team came up with during a brainstorming session related to finding the right financial/distribution software solution for their business.

First of all, I love working with clients that are so organized and involve their team in the process. Once we provided our answers, I felt that these answers would benefit other distribution companies during their evaluation process.

These answers are based on our current experience using Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad for more than 75 distribution companies. Things do change, so be sure to check with us if you need a more current or in depth answer.

Pricing Questions – Microsoft Dynamics with SalesPad

1) Can we turn a quote into an order?

Yes.  That is standard functionality in Dynamics GP and it works the same in SalesPad.

2) Can each “ship to” under each customer have its own prices?

Microsoft Dynamics GP does not support this functionality but SalesPad does. It makes it possible to have specific pricing by “ship to”. In this case of your company this would allow you to have pricing per job because it views each location as a separate job.

3) Can we see the basic cost of an item when we are placing an order, but then see the cost of an item, plus freight, when we are quoting a customer?

No, you cannot see the cost of the freight, only the item. In many cases freight is a separate cost.  When you have freight for multiple items on a given PO you may be able to embed the cost of freight into the item if you were to use landed costs, but it's not a standard practice to do that unless you are importing those parts from overseas.

4) Can we change the price of an item after it has been received?

Once it has been received there is an option in ‘inventory items’, utility section, which does allow you to adjust an item's cost. This is primarily used when employing the FIFO and LIFO methods of costing where you actually can change the different layers of cost.  Although Dynamics GP allows you to change the cost, you have to manually adjust the General Ledger to reflect that difference in cost that you would make using the utility.

Ordering From Vendors Questions – Microsoft Dynamics with SalesPad

5)  How does the system compute the cost?  Can it come up, without freight?

Normally, the computed cost is the last cost and would not include freight.  So yes, it does come up without freight.

6)  If we know how much the total freight/cutting/duty charges are for an order, does the software compute how much that marks each item? 

Again, this is specifically pointing towards landed cost when you're talking about freight and cutting and duty charges.  These can be loaded into the different setup options for landed costs and then can be allocated to the Dynamics GP item, although once the allocation takes place, it does not maintain the breakdown on an individual cost level; it just has the final cost. So this would only be possible with the Purchase Order Receiving and using the Landed Cost option.

7) Can we type the item number and then have the vendor's item number come up when we type the order?

Yes, this is the standard functionality. You can use both your item number and the vendor's item number in the purchase order screen if that's what you're asking.

8) We order he same item from multiple vendors so would need multiple vendor part numbers to come up depending on whom we are ordering from.

Dynamics GP will maintain vendor item numbers for a given item for every vendor that you do business with.  It will maintain the history on that, the last cost, last receipt date, last order date by each vendor for every item on your side.

9) Can we type in an order for part A with part B attached and will the computer know to take the stock out of part A and part B?

This can only be accomplished if those are set up in a kit.  That is how it will know to pull both items.  This is functionality that kitting provides.   Otherwise, you would have to use assembly bill of materials to assemble this item which is made of two components and that would require a separate step; and then you would only be selling the finished item.  It would just already have the assembly processed price.  So I think kitting would be the best option.

Customer Orders Questions – Microsoft Dynamics with SalesPad

10) Can we print back orders easily? Can we partially bill a customer? Can we easily bill for a service like engineering?

You can print back orders. You can easily partially bill a customer; there are a number of different setup options, depending upon what your needs are, to accomplish those.  Certainly you can set up services in inventory as service type items.

11) Can we have multiple jobs/”ship tos” for each customer (100 +)? 

In Dynamics GP you could have an unlimited number of ship tos for a given customer.

12) When typing orders can we enter partial part numbers and the item will still come up, but on the order it will show the complete part number? Example, we type 21612x and the computer will show K21612-3 x 12

Yes.  Using a tool called Rockton Smartfill. However Rockton Smart Fill does not work with SalesPad; but you can simply use some of the features GP.  There is a way in SalesPad, you can actually use a wild card the asterisk and then push in the part number and it will bring up any items that filled that pattern but not as you're simultaneously typing in a part number.  You would have to use the filter row until its tracked and then use a wild card in the part number.  A new SalesPad tool called Additions GP is also an option to evaluate.

13)     Can we change a ship to after it has been printed?

Yes, but that will not change the line item prices automatically.

Accounting Questions – Microsoft Dynamics with SalesPad

14) Can we email invoices?

Yes. If you’re using the Word Document templates on the Dynamics GP side it does this.  If you're using SalesPad, it has built in email functionality.

15) Can we automatically print confirmations for certain customers? 

Yes, those can be triggered inside of SalesPad.

16) Will the computer tell us how much sales tax to pay each month?

Yes.  There are standard Dynamics GP reports that would all indicate the amount on a tax due and those would be printed out on the Dynamics GP side.

17)  Can SalesPad users do:

  1. Accounts Receivable
  2. Receive in material
  3. change prices
  4. do quotes
  5. type orders

SalesPad has limited accounts receivable functionality.  You can look up balances, and there is an optional cash application, although not typically used.  To receive in material, Yes.  To change prices, yes, but it’s somewhat limited compared to what you can do in Dynamics GP. Do quotes, yes. Type orders, yes.

18) Can we receive checks in/ pay bills from two separate bank accounts?

Yes. You can use multiple accounts although it does require that you override parameters on certain screens to do that.

19) What reports can we print at the end of the month (top customers, sales by month, profit/loss)?

You can print all of those reports.  Top customers, sales by month, there are reports in Dynamics GP but there are also a lot of Quick Reports that you can run inside of SalesPad that may make more sense. You can change and re-sort columns where if you run a physical report you can only look at it the way the report defaults.

20) What is the security so Sales Pad customers cannot see the accounting profit/loss?

It is a natural firewall between Dynamics GP and Sales Pad.   So SalesPad can only deal with the sales side, the inventory side and the purchase order side. It has nothing to do with the accounting profit and loss.

21) Can the person who receives checks/invoices be separate from someone who can see the profit/loss?

Yes, again Dynamics GP has plenty of security that would prohibit anybody from running financial statements or any of the GL inquiry functions so that the only thing they could do is work on, for example, receiving checks that might be applied to customers and receivables only.

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