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Malcolm Roach, Open Door Technology Inc.

Using Jet Express for Word and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

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Jet Express for Word and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 represents a very exciting new chapter for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users. The simplified ability to design and customize document templates within Word extends the usability of Dynamics NAV to give more power and flexibility to the end user.

Organizations can now create and design their own Microsoft Dynamics NAV report templates in Microsoft Word with Jet Express for Word. Jet Reports and Microsoft have teamed up together to provide users the ability to create document templates in Word and use the custom templates in NAV for use with the NAV Report, which is then assigned a template to use when running the standard NAV RDLC Report.

Jet Express for Word is a free add-in for Microsoft Word for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 users, which is the latest release of the popular Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has also been updated to allow the custom document layouts to be imported directly into and run within Dynamics NAV.

Users can use Jet Express for Word to quickly design document templates right in Microsoft Word from scratch or use a Jet Reports document template or a template from the Microsoft Office Store.

Users can create their own Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, or Sales Credit Memo type documents for NAV by selecting available field labels and positioning them as desired. Adding available fields is easy with plain text field labels and search functionality. Logos can be added to the document and the text style and color can be set to match company branding.

Jet Express for Word and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Jet Express for Word does have some limitations; it does not have the ability to place conditions, such as calculating totals. The application will only pull available data from NAV.

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015
  • Office 2013 Desktop Edition

Download Jet Express for Word

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by Open Door Technology, Inc.

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