Timecard Entry in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP has been replacing its Business Portal enabled functionality with new solutions built right into GP. One of the things that has been replaced is the old online Employee Self Service Suite. The new Timecard Entry functionality that came in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 release earlier this year is very similar to what was in the Business Portal enabled Employee Self Service Suite, so if you know how to use the old Business Portal functionality, the new one should be no problem.

All of the setup that you would typically do in Business Portal is now built into Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you upgrade to the current version of GP, nothing from Business Portal will migrate over. Setup for Timecard Entry will need to be done in GP. Pay schedules have fewer restrictions and more flexibility now. Several small changes have made setup and use easier than ever.

Each employee will be a Microsoft Dynamics GP user, and you tie these users to your employees. Each employee that wants access to enter timecards will need to have a GP User ID set up. Out of the box, both Payroll and Human Resources are updated, so no need for a reconcile. You deploy a Web client, and that is what employees log into to see their employee home pages. Currently this is just Timecard Entry, but pay checks, W4s, employee profiles, and more are coming soon.

The rest of Business Portal will be replaced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Of course, you can use the new functionality and still keep your existing Business Portal deployed as well.

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