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The newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is hitting the marketplace, according to developers from the company. The release of a new iteration of Dynamics NAV was first announced at the software giant's annual Directions U.S. conference, which was held in mid-September. NAV 2015 is already available for partners and vendors to download and begin exploring the new and different functionalities and resources added to the platform.

A few of the most important developments
A variety of new features have been added to Dynamics NAV, some offering very widespread benefits and others providing more focused advantages. An example of a ubiquitous feature added to NAV this year is an enhanced cash management tool, as noted by Waldo's Microsoft Dynamics blog. Enhanced functionality with devices such as tablets and smartphones will also be offered. Further integration with Office 360 will help businesses as well, as will document reporting and Power BI features. An easier path to system upgrades is another notable addition that will make long-term operation of the system more effective.

The release was promoted with the phrase "more mobile, more cloud," which translates into more flexibility for business. With the specific benefits outlined above, companies will be able to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV on their own terms, increasing access for remote employees and those traveling on business. The extension of functionality to mobile devices also benefits operations inside a facility, whether in an office or on a production floor. More portable access to information can easily translate into better overall effectiveness for an organization. Although the specifics of such an improvement depend on the size of a business and the field they operate in, there are many different ways that better, easier access will provide operational advantages.

Another new functionality worth noting is Microsoft's social listening feature, which won't debut with NAV 2015 but is still relatively new. Businesses can use the function to track their name, the names of their products and other associated terms on social media for both reputation management and as a sounding board of sorts to understand current consumer feelings about their organization.

A closer look at mobile
Industry magazine Redmond Source Partner pointed out that the mobile functionality of the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV system will be bolstered by a series of apps released by the software maker. Users don't have to have mobile devices that run Windows to take advantage of this upgrade, as there are versions of the apps available for iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets as well. This commitment to on-the-go use of NAV, whether inside or outside the office, is good news for small and midsize businesses. The flexibility of such systems is a major advantage for companies planning to grow, expand or otherwise develop their operations in the future.

Finding the right vendor
Along with the upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics NAV developed by its creator, there are additional options available from third-party vendors to help meet specific industry and individual business needs. Companies that find a high-level ERP partner to work with often have more successful implementations and fewer delays in the process of adding or upgrading a system. Great vendors (like The TM Group) also provide ongoing support for their clients between these periods of development, making sure that their customers are getting the best possible return on investment.

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