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Crestwood Associates

Microsoft Dynamics SL Offers Solutions for Government Contractors

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We understand that working in the Government Contracting field can be complicated, stressful, and extremely competitive. Use Microsoft Dynamics SL to help keep your costs within government budgets while still complying with Federal Acquisition Regulations, all while allowing you to continue working with commercial entities. With Dynamics SL, you have the opportunity to see higher profits, manage indirect cost pools, and focus more on delivering great service. The system will provide your company with all the necessary government contractor needs and as your company grows, Dynamics SL will grow with you. Download a PDF copy of the new Microsoft Dynamics SL in Government Contracting Brochure today. Have questions about using Dynamics SL for contracts? Ask a question in the comments below, or visit our website.

by Crestwood Associates LLC - your Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Dynamics SL Partner

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