Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will Change Service Based Architecture

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The Service Based Architecture in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will change the way you think about integrating or building applications that use GP functionality. Unlike previous service models that provided a limited set of operations and was challenging to extend or modify, the new architecture provides a developer with the ability to access any sanScript based functionality within core or third party dictionaries.  Developers can utilize prebuilt operations or create their own.

The deployment of the architecture is scalable so it can fit any sized organization from just a few to hundreds of users and can grow as the organization does and can be deployed on Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

The main updates to the service based architecture are:

  • Https protocol with REST style API lets you build apps on many different platforms
  • Secure Access that uses Windows or Office 365 identity to authenticate the user
  • Enhanced Interoperability gives developers the additional capability to leverage the Microsoft Platform
  • Operation Security is managed within the GP application, just like forms and reports
  • Discovery operations inform you of available operations and their syntax
  • Ability to integrate to other apps or services

Dynamics GP 2015 is set to be released at the end of 2014.

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