ERP Software Owners Should Know the Real Cost of Information Technology

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Whether your company has an internal IT department or you are outsourcing, all business owners and decision makers need to be aware of the real costs of IT.

Microsoft Dynamics GP or some other ERP software has been implemented and life seems perfectly great! Your GP workstations, sales laptops, shipping PCs and office servers are all churning away making sales, printing labels, shipping products and recording profits. Then the unthinkable happens - building fires, natural disasters, theft or the unthinkable happens: your highly trained office manager quits! Now is the time when you find out the REAL cost of Information Technology - WHEN IT IS NOT WORKING.

Disaster Recovery

Can you answer some of the most basic questions that every responsible business owner should know? Let me guess, your IT provider or in-house “guru” has assured you that your business is prepared for any situation. The truth is that you do not know the answers to these mandatory IT questions:

• What type of back-up system are you using? On location, off-premise, cloud?
• How often are your back-ups completed? Can you restore a server? Can you restore any workstation or server down to a 15 minute time frame?

Expiration dates, anti-virus and support?
• Is your hardware in warranty? How long to replace your server if it goes down? Do you have on-site and off-site support capability 24/7?
• Is your anti-virus active, live and up to date on EVERY workstation?
• When do your software licenses expire? Is your ERP and operating systems updated? Are you compliant with all copyright laws on every PC?

Training? What does that have to do with IT Costs?
• Employees come and go but does your company’s KNOWLEDGE stay?
• How long does it take you to “onboard” a new hire? Are you teaching the same technology job tasks and skills over and over?
• How many IT service tickets are your employees creating a month? Are they repeating issues?
• How do I create this Microsoft Dynamics GP report?
• How do I install this printer?
• Why are my shipping labels not printing on my UPS printer?

IT evaluation and reviews are scheduled when?
• Do you have reviews each quarter? Are you utilizing current Best Practices?
• Do you get recommendations on upcoming warranty and licensing issues?
• Are you getting over 25 years of expert vCIO systems analysis services every day?

Business owners and decision makers often only think of IT costs as the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on software licensing, installation, maintenance and computing hardware. The real cost happens when that technology is sitting on a desk and no one is using it to produce PROFITS.

Find out the true cost of your IT with Custom Information Services:
Lance Thorley is Marketing Coordinator at CIS, whose primary objective is the Sales and Support of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Managed Network Services and Custom Programming for Microsoft Dynamics GP. CIS is a certified Dynamics GP Partner and elite Managed Services Provider located in North Texas. Contact Lance with any questions or comments using our Contact Us form at

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