Top 3 Musts for Fall 2014 Events

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It's back to school time, not just for the little ones, but for all of us. Here at Rockton Software, our calendar is full of events, such as GPUG and reIMAGINE. Whether you're going alone or with your team, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the events:

1. Do your homework

Prior to leaving the office, I spend time reviewing the conference agenda. Getting a jump start on session planning can help you focus on specific problems before attending the conference. Heading off to an event with a few questions to get answered about a current project, issue, or co-worker will help guide your session selection. And who doesn't like coming back with a little tidbit you can start using right away?

If you're attending the event with your team, make a plan to divide and conquer. There always seems to be a few time slots where there are multiple sessions you would like to attend; there is probably someone you work with that has the same interest--split up and compare notes after the session. It leads to great discussion after the sessions are over . . . preferably over dinner.

I also recommend checking to see if and what is offered for Pre-Conference training. In some cases, such as GPUG, they offer 1-2 days of Pre-Conference training. This is a great time and money saver. It is something you want to sign up for sooner rather than later because seating is often limited and the sessions typically fill up fast.

2. Don't Skip the Opening Session

In my experience the Opening session is always good to set the tone of the conference. They're intended to pump you up, give you energy, and get you in the learning frame of mind. A nice bonus is being able to see all the new information about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

3. Learning Implementation Plan

I once heard that in order for Adults to retain new topics, they must review what they have learned within 24 hours and then again within 7 days of learning something new. Plus, one of the best ways to solidify what you learn is to teach it to others. Before you attend the conference, block off some time in your calendar for you individually to review what you learned, maybe 2-3 days after returning, then schedule a meeting with your team around the 7 day mark. That's the perfect time to process and then share what you learned.

Are you a veteran at attending these events? If so, what tips do you suggest? Leave your tips in the comments! 

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Written By Jenn Schoemer, Product Development Manager at Rockton Software, Microsoft Dynamics Add-On Partner.

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Musts for Fall 2014 Events”

  1. A few of my top tips:
    1. Love your number 3 tip. To add to it. DO NOT cancel the meeting even if you are overwhelmed from being out of the office.

    2. Wear layers. Nothing worse than sitting in a session and being cold.

    3. Share real time what you are learning with people back at the office. Let your excitement show through.

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