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Simplify Your Financial Reporting Process with Dynamics GP and Management Reporter

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All of the period’s ending numbers are being crunched, accounts are being reconciled, and adjusting entries are flying around the office like June bugs in July.  The accountants in the office are coming out of their monthly hibernation and they’re finalizing all of the month end reports.  Now the dance begins…

Yours may be going to the copier with the final statements for each business reporting unit and making the required copies so that the infamous reporting package can be compiled and placed in its manila envelope for delivery.  On the other hand, you may be much more advanced and laughing at the thought of standing at the copier.  You have mastered the process of printing your reports to PDF to create a file package that can be sent, hoping each time that the size of the package hasn’t exceeded the mail server’s limits on outgoing items or that the end users of the report can open the package.

No matter which scenario resonates with you most, if you were using Dynamics GP and Management Reporter you could kiss the stressful and time consuming reporting process goodbye!

Management Reporter allows you to create complex financial statements and distribute them in multiple ways.  For those users that are local to your network, there is a Report Library that houses any reports that have been generated.  So, people can easily access them on their own time without waiting for someone else to send it to them.

I know what you’re thinking, “that sounds great but how do I keep my sensitive report data out of the hands of anyone who shouldn’t be able to see it?”  Great question!  With Management Reporter, you can restrict report access based on user security rights that you assign.    Management Reporter also allows you to post the report links onto your company SharePoint site.  When clicked, these links will open the report in a web viewer and allow comments to be made and shared.

If you want to take the sharing one step further, the same link that can be posted onto SharePoint can also be emailed to external users.  As long as the recipients have a domain account on your network they will be able to click the link and open the report, even if the computer they’re using isn’t on your network.  In this case, the user will be asked to enter their domain name and password after they click the link.  And, the report will only open if they have the proper permissions in place to view it.

Over the years Dynamics GP has offered multiple reporting products.  GP2013 and beyond have Management Reporter built in as the reporting solution of choice. Since it’s included as part of the Dynamics GP 2013 package, you get all of its powerful reporting capabilities at no extra cost.  If you’d like to know more about Dynamics GP or Management Reporter and its included functionality, please visit our website. Have questions about how to extend your reporting beyond the brick and mortar of your company, or whether Microsoft Dynamics GP with Management Reporter is a good fit for your business? Please contact us at Intelligent Technologies Inc.  Our experts are ready to team up with you and help your company reach its full potential.

By: Aaron McDaniel, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller.

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