Microsoft Dynamics Project Accounting, Job Tracking and Analytical Accounting Integrated in SharePoint Expense, Requisition and Invoice Management Applications

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Like many savvy businesses, you’ve implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution because it connects your people and your data.  Connecting all of the moving parts of your organization provides control and insight that you can use to your competitive advantage.  Now you can take integration one step further by connecting your Microsoft Dynamics® ERP to other software solutions you likely have on hand, namely Microsoft SharePoint®.

The latest enhancement by DynamicPoint offers connections between SharePoint products with add-on modules and third party applications. You can have out-of-the-box functionality when connecting Microsoft Dynamics® GP with Project Accounting, Encore Project, and Analytical Accounting or Microsoft Dynamics® NAV with Job Tracking and Dimension Codes.  These connections allow you to take data directly from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution and share it with the SharePoint web parts on the Expense, Requisition, and Invoice Management applications.  Conversely, you can select data in the application and share it back to the Dynamics product.  You can use these features to create specific job or project codes, for example, for individual departments.  Your administrator can configure the relationships and any restrictions you may have and only the users in that specific department will be permitted to choose those project codes.

Every business is different and you may have unique operations or data and reporting needs that just don’t seem to fit into your current Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.  The experts at DynamicPoint know these popular business management solutions inside-and-out and can deliver custom SharePoint solutions to meet your unique business needs.  If your external data source has a query function that can coordinate with an expense report, purchase requisition, or invoice, then SharePoint can query it and data can be made available on a SharePoint form.  We can use the new external category capability to connect with SQL databases, customization tables, and other third party applications.

Strengthen the connections between the business tools that you already have and use them to boost productivity, provide access to the data your people need, and improve communication and collaboration.  Optimize revenue opportunities by building the connections you need with the software you already have.

By DynamicPoint, Provider of SharePoint Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® ERP

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