Driving Success in the Warehouse: WAX And TRAX in Dynamics AX

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Aspiring to deliver world-class ERP functionality, Microsoft has decided to expand Dynamics AX’s capabilities with Blue Horseshoe’s Warehousing for AX (WAX) and Transportation for AX (TRAX). WAX and TRAX are meant to turn Dynamics AX into a more efficient, more powerful, truly end-to-end business solution, with significant enhancements in warehouse and transportation.

The Why Factor

The incompatibility between Dynamics AX and separate warehousing and transportation software solutions has long been a major pain point for implementers and developers. Thanks to WAX and TRAX, which have been especially developed for Dynamics AX, all supply chain components and AX modules will interact perfectly in the same database, allowing organizations to accomplish more with the same out-of-the-box ERP system.


The following features are part of the WAX module:

  • Inventory Control: Offering real-time 360-degree visibility into your warehouse and inventory along with real-time cycle counting both inbound and outbound, WAX facilitates real-time replenishment so that out-of-stock scenarios will never occur. Additionally, WAX provides detailed information about inventory, labor, facility space, and order status.
  • Radio Frequency (RF): To streamline warehouse operations as much as possible, WAX proposes a fully functional radio-frequency solution, which can be integrated with most handheld devices used during receiving, picking, and loading operations.
  • Labor Optimization: Embedded with business intelligence functionality, WAX can be set up to define and prioritize work assignments, replace manual with automatic processes, record actual task duration, estimate time to completion, provide single views and reports of work being performed, and report information in real time.
  • Workflow Management: In WAX, workflow processes are highly configurable. Your employees will be able to use the module to replace incorrect or defective items with appropriate ones, record changes made to operational stores, trace transactions and items, verify recipients, etc. It also provides advanced inventory allocation.
  • Order Fulfillment: Project fulfillment on time and on budget is no easy task. To help you out, WAX makes possible customized, detailed reporting on user activity and productivity.

Focusing on transportation operations, TRAX makes available the following capabilities:

  • Route Planning: Routing guides along with zone skipping, mileage service integration, and multi-stop routing features enable TRAX to support inbound/outbound transportation activities and different modes of transportation, ranging from Parcel, LTL, TL to Custom, Rail, Ocean, and Multi-Modal.
  • Load Planning: Load planning allows for separate/centralized planning of loading activities, helping you provide your customers with superior fulfillment options, while keeping logistics costs down.
  • Scheduling and Rate Calculations: Advanced route and load planning along with rate calculations, discounts, and shopping across numerous carriers can stimulate business.
  • Transportation Provider Portal: Transportation providers can use the carrier portal included in TRAX to access electronic freight bill invoice and check shipment status and carrier performance metrics.
  • Bill Match and Payment: Proof of delivery, freight accrual, automated freight bill audit, claims management, and automated payments are all supported in TRAX.

Providing “a single version of the truth,” these two modules deliver all the information you need to know about your warehouse and transportation activities in a unified system.

Embedding industry-specific features directly into AX’s architecture, the new modules offer identical user-interface, business logic, and performance to Dynamics AX.

WAX and TRAX integrate seamlessly not only with Dynamics AX, but also with each other, allowing for separate planning at site/warehouse level, or centralized planning across your entire supply chain. Therefore, Blue Horseshoe’s technology is expected to improve supply chain management in Dynamics AX, offering additional functionality to a broader Microsoft customer community and partner network.

What’s next? Not too long ago, Blue Horseshoe has announced the development of Advanced WAX and Advanced TRAX, which will further expand Dynamics AX functionality for enhanced operational efficiency.

by Clients First Business Solutions

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