5 Ways Dynamics GP Helps Distribution Companies

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Streamlined Order Processing

By automating your distribution processes with Dynamics GP, you can replace paper-based, manual ordering processes with efficiency and quickly receive, process and invoice orders as they come in. By using tools such as SalesPad, you can create sales documents exactly how the customer requests them.

Improved Customer Relationships and Service

Dynamics GP works seamlessly with Microsoft CRM, which means your sales teams have an easier way to keep customer information update to date and keep tabs on the latest price agreements and personal details. Data is easy to enter, access and share across the company providing a 360 degree view of the customer.

Expanded Analytics and Intelligence

Many distributors find that the info they rely on is disconnected and cannot be validated for accuracy. Dynamics GP delivers cohesive and correct data, andwith enhanced reporting, provides the intelligence needed to make more informed decisions across the organization and to better forecast growth.

Expedited Distribution and Deliveries

In distribution, it is always a race against the clock to receive products, input load sheets, print all the paperwork for the drivers and get deliveries out on time. By using SalesPad along with Dynamics GP, the entire process from the sales desk to delivery can be completed in minutes rather than hours.

Real-time Inventory Control

With Dynamics GP and SalesPad, you get an integrated solution to manage your inventory, quality control, logistics and order processing in one place. You can quickly help your customers from anywhere and can accurately budget and forecast.

To learn more about how Dynamics GP can help you, contact Intellitec Solutions at 866-504-4357, or visit us at www.intellitecsolutions.com

By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania

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