5 Things Cloud ERP Helps You Accomplish

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Most professionals are familiar with cloud computing, even if they only use it for their email. However, there are still some who are reluctant to try cloud computing with something like ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, especially if they are accustomed to dealing with on-premise ERP. While some of their reservations may be justified, there are plenty of good reasons to consider cloud ERP. Here are five.

  1. Lower capital costs. In these tough economic times, capital expenditure can be tight, especially for small and midsized businesses. Cloud ERP is subscription based and requires very little initial cost.
  2. High scalability. Cloud computing allows you to scale your ERP deployment up or down depending on your needs without having to purchase new licenses or new hardware. You can even scale up during busy seasons when you need temporary workers and then scale down at quieter times.
  3. Reduce IT workload. Instead of focusing so much time on keeping your ERP running, your IT department can focus on other issues and reduce their overall workload. The cloud ERP provider will handle maintenance, updates and troubleshooting.
  4. Increased security. While the common thinking is that in-house data is always more secure, cloud providers actually have the expertise and infrastructure to provide the type of security that would be impractical and too expensive for you to have on-premise at anything but the most top-notch enterprise data centers.
  5. Deploy and develop faster. New applications and new features often require testing, server provisioning and other steps before they are ready to go on-premise. With the cloud, you can add many applications and services with the click of a button.

If you have never tried ERP in the cloud, you might not think you can accomplish great things, but the thousands of users who have would certainly disagree with you. It may be time for you to consider a Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud implementation today.

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By Socius, a Cloud ERP Provider in Ohio (www.socius1.com)

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