Project Budgeting for Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers project-focused accounting and business management software for project-driven organizations. The base project management functionality found in the Business Essentials edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL is all the project management most organizations will need, but if you are looking for unique or advanced project management tools, Microsoft Dynamics SL also offers a number of specialized project management solutions.

The Project Budgeting module, which is available a la carte for the Advanced Management edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL, delivers powerful budgeting tools that enable you to take control of your project finances and significantly increase project profitability. You can track your budgeting process throughout the life of a project, view the impact of budget changes on profitability, and manage the information you need to ensure the success of any project.

Track your budgets effectively. Manage the progress of project budgets from creation to closure, with clear visibility into all aspects of budgets. Budget revisions and change orders are easily tracked and automatically update project statistics such as net profit and margin percentage. You can see the impact of change orders and revisions on project profitability before approving them. Easily monitor the revised versions of the current estimate-at-completion, forecast-at-completion, margin percentage, and net profit.
Fine-tune future bids. Compare budget detail with actuals at the close of a project. By measuring the accuracy of your budget and evaluating the impact on your profitability, you can easily adjust your bidding process to ensure future competitive bids.

Create new budgets simply and easily by using templates based on earlier budgets, or import budget estimates from external sources. Approve budgets and budget changes online quickly and efficiently. Online budget routing and a detailed audit trail enable you to view current budget details for a project and forecast future budget activity. The Project Budgeting module eliminates budget surprises.

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