Microsoft Azure Backups for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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One of the great new features recently released for Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ability to store Microsoft Dynamics GP database backups on Microsoft Azure. This provides an easy and cost-effective solution for the heart of your disaster recovery plans.

In many cases, Microsoft Dynamics GP database backups are stored on the same disk, or at least the same computer, as the Microsoft SQL Server. This method just doesn't give you the ability to recover from a disaster. But backing up your Microsoft Dynamics GP databases directly to Microsoft Azure storage gives you the off-site backups you need to be able to get back up and running as quickly as possible following a disaster.

This new feature gives you an option in the Backup Company and Restore Company windows that enables easy backup of your Microsoft Dynamics GP database directly to Microsoft Azure storage. The windows are found under Microsoft Dynamics GP, then Maintenance, and then Backup and Restore. If you select the option, a Microsoft Azure Storage Blob is used to hold your Microsoft SQL Server database backups.

You cannot use this option if you are running on a build of Microsoft SQL Server prior to 2012 SP1 CU2. You also have to have a Microsoft Azure storage account, of course, and you must create a blob container there. A Microsoft Dynamics GP user who is also an administrator in Microsoft SQL Server can set up and use this feature.

Long-range success is best insured by a solid plan to deal with and to recover from unforeseen disaster, and Microsoft Dynamics GP makes that easier than ever.

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