Flat Rate Pricing Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers project-focused accounting and business management software for project-driven organizations. For organizations that provide field service, Microsoft Dynamics SL also offers several modules for field service management, all available a la carte with the Advanced Management edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL. One of these is the Flat Rate Pricing module, which enables you to stop purchasing expensive flat-rate books from an outside publisher and empowers your technicians to give on-the-spot printed price quotes on specific services from your pricing catalog.

The Flat Rate Pricing module is flexible, so you can easily set up your pricing details to reflect your business needs. Define unlimited pricing plans, mark-up plans, and printing groups or categories during setup. Ensure that every flat rate is profitable beforehand by viewing profitability by pricing plan, line item detail, and product group class.

Simplify data entry. Enter a new flat rate and add all the components, including inventory items needed for a specific task and labor hours needed to complete a job, all from a single screen. You can even enter the warranty days for both parts and labor. You can also efficiently manage inventory and labor mark-up breaks. Set up user-defined mark-up breaks by using the most recent or standard item costs from the Inventory module, with which the Flat Rate Pricing module is tightly integrated. The Flat Rate Pricing module helps you easily update and synchronize pricing of both the flat rate codes and inventory items simultaneously.

You can capture valuable data with the flat rate codes, which specify information about flat rate types, warranties, service contracts, price revision dates, free notes, and much more. Any or all of this information can be included for printing on your customized pricing catalog. Then you can give your managers important historical data such as how many times each code has been used or sales history over a designated time period.

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