Creating an Eligibility Event in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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Eligibility event functionality is available with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and has been deemed ‘extremely useful’ and a ‘life saver’ by human resource specialists. This out-of-the-box functionality is used to determine when an employee or group of employees is eligible to enroll in company benefits.  Once setup of company benefits, eligibility policies and rules are complete, eligibility events can be created from a number of areas within the Human Resources module. Here are the navigation paths for an eligibility event:

  • Human Resources > Periodic > Benefits > Eligibility events
  • Human Resources > Common > Workers > Workers
  • Human Resources > Common > Benefits > Benefits


In this post, we will walk through creating an eligibility event using the first path indicated above.

1.   Navigate toHuman Resources > Periodic > Benefits > Eligibility events

Eligibility Event in Dynamics AX

2. Create a new eligibility event by:

  • Clicking New Event
  • Filling in the Event name and Description (optional)
  • Select the event type from the dropdown
  • Select a Coverage start date
  • Select an Enrollment period start date and fill in the Days to enroll
  • Click on Create event

New Eligibility Event

3. The event has been created we will add the Workers which are eligible for this open enrollment event. In our example, we are setting up open enrollment for all workers so we will click the “Add all workers” button on the Workers FastTab. If you want to add specific employees, you would click the Add button and select workers.

OPen Enrollment

4. Click the Benefits FastTab then the Add button to select the benefits which apply to this event. Once you have added all benefits, click the Process button on the action pane.

Benefits FastTab

5. You will receive a message prior to the event processing. Review the information and click OK to process the event.

Message Prior to Even Processing

6. Close the event and select the event on the Eligibility events grid. Click the Show Results button. This will allow you to see all the employees which are eligible. Once the enrollment period begins, all employees who are shown as eligible can be enrolled.

Eligible Employees List in AX


by Laura Garcia, Dynamics AX Application Consultant for Tridea Partners . Tridea is a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner serving Southern California, Utah, Colorado and surrounding regions.

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