Two Reasons Today's Business Needs Invoice Automation

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Invoice automation is a necessity for today's business for a number of reasons, whether it's security, efficiency or merely keeping up with the ever- growing competition. Though some companies fear the changes associated with the move to paperless, document management software can actually improve customer and colleague relations as the electronic workflow of the office transforms. Here are some best practices for those just beginning to tread water in the lucrative and productive world of invoice automation.

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Data security is empowered by automated processes
Using cloud technology negates the insecure elements of leaving documents in a file cabinet, where they are at any time only as secure as your office is. For most businesses, the security of their building is relatively out of their control - especially if they are renting a floor or two in a larger structure, their financial documents can be compromised with an action as simple as a faulty alarm or a sleepy night guard.

When document management software is used, this worry is alleviated - security can be reinforced on your software by an external cloud security professional, and any equipment damaged in a building will not result in stolen or lost information, as it can be accessed remotely. The Paperless Project, a national coalition dedicated to reducing the massive use of paper throughout American business, made the following recommendation for companies resisting the switch to invoice automation.

"Don't be afraid to join the paper-free coalition," the site read. "Going paperless is a process, and with the proper preparation and management solutions, the ROI on creating a paperless office will outshine any standard paper-based system."

Empower efficiency by automatically processing invoices
With paperwork as sensitive in security and time as an invoice, a quality automated process really does make a big difference. To keep pace with the competition, speed without compromising accuracy is an absolute necessity - today's culture positively thrives on instant gratification and receiving rapid-fire results, a result far more achievable without the constant shuffle of paper and the time it takes to process.

The Paperless Project stated that the average worker spends nearly a third of their work day looking for the correct files and information to perform their job efficiently, making the processing time far less speedy and leaving employees frustrated.Invoice automation improves the experience for both parties in that consumers are able to enter information on a highly user-friendly interface, and allows for quicker approval on the administrative end. Add this advantage to the increased security and ability to be accessed by both parties remotely and the decision practically makes itself.

Companies adverse to change are bound to be left behind, whether it's in an industry trend or the way the world is heading technologically. Invoice automation qualifies as both of these things, and a shift in thinking can transform the way your office runs in terms of productivity and safety, offering benefits to all.

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