Multi-Warehouses Often Create Multi-Headaches

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As your business grows, you may acquire additional facilities or build warehouses in strategic locations.  The more facilities that you utilize, the greater the challenge for maintaining tight control over inventory.  In addition, if you expand into regions with different tax codes or currencies, your accounting management can become an additional headache.  Connect your warehouses with a single, powerful solution that can provide greater control and insight for each location, as well as your business as a whole.

Imagine having a new prospect or existing customer call to place a last minute, rush order.  You contact each of your remote warehouses to determine whether they have the inventory that your customer needs.  Warehouse managers may be out to lunch, but if luck is on your side, you get an estimate of the inventory that may be available.  All indications may show that you have the available inventory; however, what if the count is off and you are short?  Or, what if you call your customer back and they’ve already spoken with a competitor.  Improve response time, get accurate data, and satisfy customers by implementing better business solution.

A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can connect your warehouses and get you closer to the data you need to satisfy customers.  Each of your facilities can use Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage their individual operations and you can use the same solution to monitor your business as a whole.  You can manage financials, inventory and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations, and human resources and payroll from this single, integrated solution.

In the case of the multi-warehouse nightmare, your sales representative can use Microsoft Dynamics GP to access real-time inventory data to answer a last minute, rush order while on the phone with that customer.  They can estimate when available inventory can be shipped out and when it may arrive at the customer’s shipping dock.  Your sales representative can also negotiate pricing or suggest products that may complement the ones that the customer needs, resulting in better cross-sales and up-sales.  Differences in tax or currency costs can also be tabulated on the fly.

Connect each of your facilities with an integrated ERP solution and alleviate several of the most common challenges with multi-warehouse management.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about taming multi-headaches by managing multiple warehouses with ERP.

By Sherwood Systems, Arizona Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner

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