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Microsoft Dynamics GP for Nonprofits

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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers many features and functionality available for nonprofits.  There is plenty of information on the web that documents how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you better manage grants, funding, encumbrance, commitments, and financial reporting.

However,  when looking for new accounting software (like Microsoft Dynamics GP for nonprofits) don't forget to evaluate the partner that will be implementing the software for their nonprofit industry experience.

Could your accounting software partner pass the nonprofit quiz? Here is a fun nonprofit quiz to test their nonprofit experience.

  1. Most nonprofit organizations present their Statement of Cash Flows using which method?a.)  Direct Method  b.)  Indirect Method   c.) Accrual Basis
  2.  The standard that govern Cost Principles for Nonprofit Organizations is:
    a.)  OMB Circular A-133   b.) G8 Schedule
    c.)  OMB Circular A-122   d.)  A-132 Audit Schedules
  3. Nonprofit Organizations are required to produce the following financial statements:
    a.)  Statement of Cash Flows                b.) Statement of Activities
    c.)  Statement of Financial Positions  d.) All of the above
  4. All nonprofit organizations with average annual gross receipts greater than $5,000 are required to file IRS form 990.
    a.) True              b.) False
  5. Cloud-based accounting software applications cannot produce financial statements consistent with FAS 117.
    a.) True              b.) False

Answers are B, A, D, A, B

T3 Information Systems (Tate and Tryon Technology) is nationally recognized for excellence with nonprofits.  We work with hundreds of national and international nonprofit organizations to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Association Management Software.

by T3 Information Systems

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