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Cloud Deployment Options eBookThe world of business is being redefined by cloud computing every day. Because of the accelerated rate of change, dealing with pitfalls of cloud deployment, and the tedious task of customizing and upgrading cloud applications, some companies are having a difficult time keeping up with the hastened rate of change. Socius has developed a ‘Power of Choice’ Cloud Philosophy to help alleviate some of these challenges. With this idea in mind, Socius is able to help give our clients the power to pull from a well-rounded choice of flexible solutions so that they are able to take advantage of cloud computing.

CIO Review Magazine recently released its list of the 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies of 2014 with Socius high on the list thanks to our Power of Choice Philosophy.

Finalist for 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Worldwide Partner of the Year!

Socius was recently named as a finalist for the 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Worldwide Partner of the Year Award. Our 30 years of Microsoft Dynamics implementation and consulting experience helps us to make sure that our clients are set up for success when it comes to cloud ERP and CRM solutions. This award recognizes the top four partners picked from 2,800 entrants from 117 countries around the world who have successfully built cloud practices.

“To be recognized for our innovation and commitment to our clients in our 30th year as a Microsoft Dynamics partner is truly an honor,” said Jeffrey R. Geisler, CPA, Socius’ CEO. “Our Cloud solutions represent the power of choice that we are able to provide our clients, not only in what solutions they use to manage their businesses but how they deploy and access those solutions. Therefore, this distinction represents the culmination of every effort made by each one of our employees which have led us to reach the pinnacle of our profession, an accomplishment of which we are extremely proud.”

Options for deployment of ERP Include:

  • IaaS Hosting for all Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions
  • SaaS deployment of all Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions via a growing Azure platform

Socius Cloud Services provides the power of choice to our ERP clients by providing all of the Microsoft Dynamics Solutions on-premises, hosed in our private cloud, and through Azure. Because of the scope and flexibility of our solutions, our clients are able to change their deployment options as their individual business needs change and grow, not just at the initial deployment.

An additional benefit available is the option to scale the number of users based on business growth, time of the year, or even just for individual events within their business. Some examples of times we have been able to do this include scaling out server space and users for large volumes times like Black Friday and tax season and then bring it back down after. This has also been found to be more than helpful for not-for-profit organizations who need additional capacity for major fundraising events but cannot absorb the long-term costs. Even on a day-to-day basis, our clients are able to expand and contract their solutions according to their individual business needs.

Get a better understanding of your cloud deployment options with our ebook!

By Socius, an Ohio Cloud ERP Partner

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