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Issue Entering Sales Transactions in Dynamics GP

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    Have you recently upgraded to Dynamics GP 2013? Having an issue trying to enter sales transactions, such as a cash receipt?

    If this has happen to you, you probably recognize this error message:

    GPS Error SCRIPT NAME GetLastCashCreditCardGuid: 58

    The cause of the error is an apostrophe (') in customer id. Fortunately, you can use the Professional Service Tools Library (PSTL) tool, Customer Modifier, to change the customer id.

    GP Error

    Also, you can run the following SQL script against their company database to locate all customers with an apostrophe in the customer id:

    Select * from RM00101 where CUSTNMBR like '%''%'


    Then use the PSTL tool to modify the customer id.

    The Customer Modifier tool will require the GP user to be logged in as “sa.”

    If you are experiencing this issue contact our support team at so we can help install PSTL and fix this issue!

    by Crestwood Associates

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