Investing in a Budgeting Solution is also an Investment in Staff Morale

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Who likes to sit down to endure a stream of several e-mails, research on unstable variables, and a consolidation of departmental, divisional data into a budget?  It might be because the process is somewhat naturally tedious, but it also could be related to the software budget managers are relying on to tackle the task.  Manual Excel spreadsheet budgeting is simply too much of a flimsy hassle for most growing companies, and relatedly, more Microsoft Dynamics SL users are moving toward a third party budgeting solution to accelerate their budgeting procedures.  These days, modern budgeting and forecasting tools are streamlining a more secure and collaborative process than we have traditionally undertaken.  With budgeting being so important to company growth by living within an organization’s means, why not invest in a tool that makes the process easier?

Most corporate budgets require more than one person to contribute their data to put together a complete plan.  Even though almost all finance teams know Excel inside and out, it can be a logistical challenge in regard to inviting disparate departments to securely contribute to the budget.  If you are already paying for the Excel licensing and maybe even Microsoft Forecaster, it might seem like an unnecessary expense to purchase a third party product.  This article will discuss the benefits of modern independent software vendor (ISV) products and how you should shop for the right product for your company’s specific needs and goals with Dynamics SL.

Third party solution purchases are more and more popular today because of the accessibility to collaboratively complete such a traditionally frustrating process.  All managers can have some ownership in the financial management of their departments because of the secure flexibility to contribute to the budget.  Additionally, some budgeting and forecasting tools are Excel add-ins, meaning that the familiar spreadsheet program is accelerated, avoiding a learning curve for a proprietary interface – and you don’t have to worry about trying to link together separate, manually built spreadsheets.

ISVs have answered the consumer call for simpler, more powerful, and secure budgeting software.  Budget managers can securely dole out ownership of budgeting for a specific department or division to the supervisor without excessive e-mails back and forth or an untidy linking of spreadsheets.  The budget manager can then lock in a comprehensive organization-wide budget.  Does this sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  Your return on an investment might also seem that way.

Look, investing in a modern budgeting solution is also an investment in staff morale.  Think about all of the time, money, energy, and staffing you currently allocate for budgeting – and then imagine a product that expedites the process in a business user friendly way.  Maybe you are wondering how to shop for a budgeting solution to accelerate your Dynamics SL data management.  Things to consider: Excel versus a proprietary platform, budgeting capabilities, types of data integrations, data storage options, whether or not the product is positioned within a comprehensive BI suite, and web budgeting as the future.

To continue learning more about your options for third party budgeting solutions, read the rest of this article here.

by Solver, Inc.

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