How Mid-Market Retailers Can Get More Out of Social Media in 5 Easy Ways

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When it comes to marketing, social media is the greatest invention since sliced bread for mid-market retailers. You can’t beat it for sales promotions and building customer loyalty. Following are some easy tips for using social media to successfully capture your audience and convincing them to buy from you (Hint: You’ll be surprised at how familiar they sound):

Measure your campaigns. Just as with any marketing campaign, tracking and measuring is essential to determine what is having the most impact. Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help ensure your customer list is engaged through all the social media outlets, and it can also provide critical insights into customer behavior which will help you with market segmentation and promotion creation.
Remember that people respond to visuals. As with all marketing, people respond to strong visuals. Social media is no exception. Use strong images in your promotions and coupons. Statistically, you’ll receive four times as many engagements as a text-only offer, and your prospects are more likely to share their posts. And don’t forget videos—customers testing products, footage of your store...whatever shows your business in its best light.

Mix offers with education. Sales aren’t everything. Show your customers you’re thinking of them by mixing up your “buy” messages with useful information that is neutral. Remember: To your customers, you are the expert; you have an opportunity to educate and establish a relationship of trust.

Reward loyal and “active” customers. In the social media world, a customer who shares your content is just as valuable as one who shops with you. If someone “likes” or “follows” you, reward them with special offers, coupons, and promotions.

Cross-promote. As a retailer, you have a great advantage: Nearly all social media sites are ideal marketing vehicles for you—so use them all. Don’t just assume your time is best spent on Facebook and Twitter—remember that the social media world is constantly expanding and changing. Do your homework and find out where your target market spends their time...and don’t forget your own company’s ecommerce website!
Ultimately, the value of any social media marketing program depends on knowing your audience, where to reach them, how to engage them, and how to keep them coming back—just like with traditional marketing. Don’t forget to take advantage of your retail technology to help you coordinate and integrate your social media strategy.

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