Grow Your Non-Profit With a Web Store Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics

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Selling online is a valuable tool for any business, including non-profit organizations. For any organization, including non-profits, utilizing eCommerce helps grow brand recognition with increased visibility, creates a consumer that is informed about all products offered, drives sales, which in turn increases revenue, and provides a self-service portal accessible any time, from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics is another valuable tool used by many businesses, including non-profit organizations. Microsoft Dynamics ERP allows non-profits to efficiently track memberships, manage reporting in a more accurate, timely fashion and automate various processes that help to reduce expenses. The time saved from these benefits allow non-profit organizations that have implemented Microsoft Dynamics to better provide services and increase value for their beneficiaries.

When these two powerful tools are used in conjunction, non-profit organizations can benefit even more.

Integrated eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics
A non-profit that chooses to deploy an integrated eCommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics will be able to manage all inventory items, including pricing, from one database with information reflected real time on their virtual storefront. This creates a web store that is easy to manage. Additionally, having an online store will help increase revenue with greater market reach and a store that is open for business 24/7.

Another key piece for non-profits is donations. With an integrated eCommerce solution, a non-profit will also be able to accept donations from their web store with that data populating in their back-office accounting system. This makes managing funds easier.

Online Marketing Tools
As a non-profit, creating awareness and growing support are important. One way to do this is through informative e-newsletters. In order to achieve successful email marketing, a list of subscribers is needed in addition to informative content and visual appeal. Learn more about online marketing tools here.

Implementing an eCommerce solution with integration to Microsoft Dynamics will create a non-profit that is run more efficiently and able to be more productive. It will also help the organization receive greater exposure, which can in turn grow sales and increase donations. These two solutions will help with membership signup and management as well, while also delivering online marketing tools that will help share exciting news, inform readers and further develop the non-profit organization’s following. Learn more about k-eCommerce for non-profits by following this link.

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