Extending Microsoft Dynamics SL With Agile Frameworks Solutions for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

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Microsoft Dynamics SL already delivers a huge toolbox of business management solutions that are specifically designed for project-driven organizations, but its functionality is extended even further by thousands of independent software vendor (ISV) solutions that have been developed for use with SL. Whatever unique business management needs you might have, now or in the future, if Microsoft Dynamics SL doesn't cover them already, chances are there are ISVs out there that do, integrated to work seamlessly with SL.

We've been looking at some of these ISVs, and today we turn our attention to Agile Frameworks, which develops mobile field management solutions for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. These solutions include MetaField, AgilePort, AgileStamp, and AgileMap.

MetaField delivers straight-through automated field data collection and quality control. Designed for civil, engineering, testing, and environmental consulting firms that conduct significant operations in the field, MetaField addresses the entire process: project setup, field data collection, geo-coding using mobile GPS devices, monitoring, quality control, exception management, report generation and delivery, and ongoing data mining.

AgilePort is a complete paperless document management system that provides custom portals for your clients to receive field observations, test results, reports, and other deliverables. AgileStamp delivers secured signing. And AgileMap is a project collaboration tool that incorporates GIS functionality and a decision making tool.

But the solutions developed by Agile Frameworks are just a few more examples of the thousands of specialized ISVs that extend Microsoft Dynamics SL. Whatever your industry, however unique your business, Microsoft Dynamics SL can be tailored and extended to meet your needs.

MIG & Co. is a professional consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of business management software solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We automate business processes to ensure that our customers work efficiently. MIG is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner.

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