A Need-to-Know Basis: Organizational Security in Dynamics GP

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Security is always a concern when it comes to accounting data and you’re well acquainted with the common threats. Viruses, malware, hardware failures, international criminal syndicates; these are the things you’ve learned to protect yourself against. However, threats – intentional or otherwise – can easily come from within your organization, which is why Dynamics GP 2013 gives you all the tools you need to keep your staff on a need-to-know basis.

The Organizational Tree

You’ve got an org. chart to help you make sense of your company structure. Within Dynamics GP you have access to the Organizational Tree, which helps you make sense of who has access to General Ledger accounts. You can build it by department, region or any other factor that makes sense in your business. No matter how you do it, it allows you to grant users access to GL accounts relevant to their job while restricting access to more sensitive accounts, such as payroll.

Once you’ve organized your users or teams into a structure that makes sense, you manually assign the GL accounts that user or team has access to. You can enter accounts into multiple locations on your tree and you can grant or remove access at any time, which gives you granular control of GL account access.

Role-Based Security

Of course, just because you’ve got access to the bridge it doesn’t mean they let you fly the Enterprise, which is where security roles and tasks come into play. Security tasks are actions the user can or cannot perform for specific records, reports and screens. Security roles are collections of security tasks built to allow a user – or type of user – to perform their job.

Dynamics GP includes a list of security roles built by Microsoft to meet common business needs but you also have the ability to build custom roles. This limits the damage – intentional or otherwise - that any one user can do to your system while allowing you the flexibility to ensure everyone has the access they need to be productive.

Whether you’re trying to keep 007 out of your accounting system or just easing a new hire into the system, keeping everyone on a need-to-know basis with Dynamics GP will improve system security.

For more information on security in Dynamics GP 2013 visit the Prophet Business Group Dynamics GP blog.

by Prophet Business Group, Microsoft Gold Certified ERP Partner in Manitoba

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