How A Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner Can Make Your Life Easier

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Large software vendors often face a dilemma. While they are able to offer their customers more resources and features because of their influence and wealth, they often lack the personal touch that a smaller vendor can provide. Quite a while ago, Microsoft found a solution to this dilemma. Rather than distributing and supporting all of its business applications directly, it allows certified partners to handle much of the sales, implementation and support. As a result, Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partners make life easier for both Microsoft and its customers.

A small or midsized business looking for an ERP, CRM or other business solution will benefit from the industry expertise and uniquely tailored pricing a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner can provide. Because Microsoft offers a global network of partners, you can find a partner that specializes in your industry, is familiar with the local requirements and regulations of your region, and can deliver a pricing model that works for your business needs.

Many partners also offer add-ons and ready-to-go packaged solutions that are specially designed for the types of business their customers do. They deal with their customers unique deployment needs and can help you implement your software quickly and effectively, however you choose to deploy it, whether on premises, in the cloud or a hybrid solution.

To see a fun video of how Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partners can make your business life easier, watch this short SMB Whiteboard video from Microsoft

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