Dynamics GP 2013 Limited User Licenses: What are They and How Much Do They Cost?

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Have you ever thought it would be nice for more people in your organization to have access to GP 2013? This is a thought that often crosses the minds of our current customers and prospects. But two common concerns often lead them to quickly give up the notion of extending access to Dynamics GP. Those concerns are:

A)     Will it be too expensive to grant Dynamics GP access to additional employees?

B)     Will giving more people access to a system that houses so much critical information increase our security risk?

Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, consider this. One of the great new features that Microsoft introduced with Dynamics GP 2013 is increased functionality for Limited Users. And, better yet, the list price for a Limited User license is 80% less than for that of a Full User License.


Here are a few quick FAQ’s regarding the Limited User Licenses:


Q. What is the difference between a Full User and a Limited User License in Dynamics GP?

In short, The Limited User license is designed to give you a lower-cost alternative for extending ERP to users who only need to perform limited tasks.  Limited User licenses provide full read and limited, yet powerful write capabilities to all of the licensed solution’s functionality. Furthermore, Limited Users can access the system via all the same channels that are available to Full Users, including the Windows Client. Limited Users are also considered concurrent users which means, multiple employees can share the access rights, further broadening the usefulness of this license type. Still have questions about the functionality offered by a Limited user license? Consult this Dynamics GP 2013 Licensing Guide. (Refer to page 6)


Q. Why is it a good idea to use the Limited User option for extending the ERP solution to more people in the organization?
Extending your ERP solution to users who do not require Full User access can bring a variety of benefits, such as the ability to automate activities within a secure and managed environment across the organization, which in turn can lead to significant productivity and business intelligence improvements.


Q. What is the difference between the Limited User for the Perpetual Licensing model versus the current Light User in Business Ready Licensing?
The Limited User is licensed for concurrent usage and is mode of access independent, whereas the Light User is licensed per named individual and is mode of access dependent. In other words, Limited User licenses allow multiple employees to share the user rights and access to the software from all modes of access including the rich windows client. On the other hand, a Light User is only permitted to access the application through web clients.


Q. How do you license the indirect access that we used to license with Light Users or Devices?
In Perpetual Licensing, mode of access is no longer a factor in determining which license type(s) you need. While all users directly or indirectly accessing Dynamics GP 2013 need to be licensed, the type of license they need is now determined solely by the amount of write access required, and not the mode by which they plan to access the system.


Q. Can a Limited User have more than one role?
No. Credentials are tied to the individual user and an individual is not allowed to have multiple logins.​


Now that you know it’s simple to increase the effectiveness of Dynamics GP 2013 without busting the budget, let the access roll to all your employees who could benefit from this powerful ERP!

I’m sure you’ll have more questions, so contact us today to learn more or get started!

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By: Mitch Jacobs, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Reseller. www.inteltech.com

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